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Join us

Upon entrance, clients participate in programs that offer an array of services to meet the short- and longer-term needs of pregnant and parenting women. Our goals are to help young people with parenting skills as well as child development,  education, health and nutrition, and other skills to promote their long-term economic independence and ensure the wellbeing of their children.

Philomena House exists so that no one ever has to feel that abortion is her only choice.  We walk alongside our clients like sisters.  

What we offer

We teach vital parenting skills that helps to build independence

Clients learn skills they will need to find employment, ensure their children grow up well, and to manage their family’s needs.

We assist clients as they pursue educational and personal goals while learning how to care for their infants and toddlers in preparation for a successful transition to independent living.

Teaching provided about nutrition, prenatal care, parenting, career planning, health education and healing. Both structured and unstructured community events provide the support to help women grow and provide for their life with baby.

In treating the whole person, just as Jesus did, we encourage the women in our home to consider the sacraments, scripture, prayer, and external church community as a way to find understanding, forgiveness, healing, and new inner resources.

In addition, we provide educational opportunities, such as GED preparation, post-secondary training and vocational education


A safe, family-style home and basic personal care items are available to you at no cost during your pregnancy and for a pre-determined amount of time afterwards with your child.

Daily case management will help you tackle individual challenges and work toward independence.

Our life coaches and counselors will meet with you individually and in groups on a weekly basis, and are also available for other family members by arrangement.

We offer classes on parenting, nutrition, child birth preparation, bible study, life skills and financial planning.