Dear Friend of the Philomena House,

This March we were busy putting warm winter clothes on a beautiful baby girl born to one of our mothers in February. At that time three other women were awaiting the birth of their babies. By April, two more beautiful babies had arrived, a boy and a girl. All the babies are making great progress in their growth and development. The boy smiles, when he chooses. The highlight of the photography session of last Saturday was when he shared a huge smile with our volunteer photographer. The last young woman living with us, is due in mid-July, but just now she is regularly attending the classes needed to earn her GED.

Recently I asked one of our guests how she would describe Philomena House. “The Philomena House is comfortable, supportive and safe”. All of us at the House are so very grateful to each of our benefactors who help us provide this stable ‘home’ for these young women.

This spring, volunteers remodeled our basement to create a recreation space including a microwave oven and a small refrigerator. The room is a cozy pink with an oil painting and a watercolor print on the wall. The women love the room with its comfy chairs. We have good DVD and VHS movies but nothing to play them on since our donated TV stopped working. If you have an extra one you could donate we would appreciate it.

Many of you know that after more than four years of selfless service, Sharon King, our first residential housemother has retired. Typical of Sharon she continues to volunteer and has been invaluable in orienting her replacements. Sierra Lobby, will join Judy Lagowski as the new housemothers. Our guests will continue to be well supported, following Sharon’s outstanding example. Sierra is a college psychology major and will be a senior this fall. She is from Minnesota with strong pro-life roots. She has spent hours as a sidewalk counselor outside abortion clinics in both St. Paul and New York.

Plans for opening the Majella House are moving forward. We hope this additional home serving pregnant women who are both homeless and have other children will open in mid-June. It is an answer to our prayers, patterned after the Philomena House, and organized under our 501c3. We will happily accept donations for the Majella House. Just make your check to Majella House and we will direct it to their account.

All of us at Philomena House continue to be very grateful for the generosity of all our contributors and volunteers whose hearts and hands do God’s work.


Joyce Nevins, Director