October Update!

See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.The reason the world does not know usis that it did not know Him.Beloved, we are God’s children now; It does not yet appear what we shall be, but we know that when He appears, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. –1 John, 3

Thanks to God and all of you, we at Philomena House have been serving homeless, expectant mothers since May 24, 2014 – more than two years now.

Baby Aubrielle! Born 8/02/16
Baby Aubrielle!
Born 8/02/16

We’ve come a long way in a short time

A relatively new program, Philomena House has achieved remarkable, early successes in serving pregnant, homeless women, ages 18 to 26 in Minnesota.
• More than 50% of all guests stayed in the program
• Each guest mom delivered a healthy baby who continues to thrive
• Noteworthy individual achievements include
— high school graduation
— attendance in a community college
— a commercial driver’s license

None of these outcomes would be predicted for a pregnant woman suffering
chronic homelessness.

What’s inspiring is that each young woman who comes to us says that she prayed to God to help her find help such as ours.

Your prayers and contributions have helped make this level of success possible. In your charity, please keep us top-of-mind. Send us your contribution today, so we may continue our success in providing a safe shelter for expectant, homeless young women. Enclosed is a self-addressed envelope for your convenience.

Current highlights

Baby girl Aubrielle came to us in early August when her guest mother gave birth. Everyone here remarked at what a beautiful child she is.

We are now housing and counseling three expectant mothers, two due in October and one in November, so Philomena House is a happy, busy place.

As director, I am doing a year-long evaluation of nutrition for homeless, pregnant women for the Minnesota Department of Health, our grantor. The study will have us shopping by nutrition labels for protein, low salt and carbohydrates, sugar and vitamins. I’m cooking one meal a month for our Philomena House family, based on the study.

Young women come to us desperate, with many issues, including health problems in addition to the pregnancy. Confinement during the colder months make it nearly impossible for our guests to get the exercise they require for health and safe delivery.

So…anyone walking into our House will be amazed at the two new pieces of professional grade exercise equipment on the first floor. We’ve installed a big bike and a treadmill outfitted with many gadgets. And we’re putting these two additions to good use.

We hope to expand

We’re working with the Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) and Department of Safety and Inspection to make full use of the space we now enjoy. We have applied for a state license, and in the process we discovered that we can now house house two more adults. So rather than four, we can now house six unrelated adults in a supportive living arrangement. However…there is much more for us to do before we approach the District 4 Council with plans. Please pray for us.

Moms want to get on their feet and achieve independence

Each of our moms is required to have a job or be enrolled in school. Then we help them in all other areas they are working on to attain self-reliance. Low cost housing is one of their major challenges because there is little available in the Twin Cities. While moms can get jobs and day care, a place to call home is nearly impossible to find. We welcome your ideas.

Here at Philomena House we maintain an ever-expanding catalog of community resources, which we continually enlarge, and which our moms find highly useful.

Thank you for the baby clothes

To the delight of our guests, generous volunteers have donated baby clothes of every size for infants and toddlers. Many of these pieces have never been worn. Imagine a new mother being able to dress her child in beautiful, fresh sleepers, sweaters and hats, daywear and snowsuits. We keep an abundant repository that our guests love to choose from and keep. Those of you who gave have made us very happy.

On the lighter side, our van saves the day

You may recall that last year we were shopping for a van to carry us on our many errands and appointments. We also use it to take us on excursions and outings. This summer we headed out for a visit to the Como Park Zoo and a nearby picnic site.

Shortly after we laid out our food under the sun, we were assaulted by a squadron of insects. Wasps? Yellow jackets? They bore down on us like an army, hungry and angry.There were enough of us to run fast and carry our picnic to the van and slam the doors.

Please continue your support

If you would like to give monthly, here’s how:
• Payroll deduction. Arrange with your employer.
• Auto Bill Bank through your bank.
• Send us a check by mail, monthly.

Philomena House
P.O. Box 13014
Roseville, MN 55113

Along with your contributions, we receive our main support from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), through the Positive Alternative Act. For the two-plus years that we’ve been accepting guests, we’ve received high marks from the MDH.

We continue to keep you in our prayers. And we thank you for your generous contributions that make Philomena House a sanctuary for homeless, expectant mothers.

Joyce Nevins, Director
(cell 651-334-5913) (651-488-9652)