Philomena_2A tax-exempt nonprofit organization, Philomena House is staffed by volunteers and supported by individuals and foundations.

Every guest stays at Philomena House through a safe pregnancy, delivery and early life after birth. We want to give the mother a real choice–whether to keep the baby or place the child for adoption. When she chooses adoption, we help her through the process.

The spirit of the House is to give the mother a foundation for life and family. For the unborn child, we want to save him/her from abortion and make a place for that baby in our human family.

An experienced volunteer mentor accompanies each guest during her stay and beyond. We also maintain follow-up procedures once a mother leaves us. The Philomena House educational program includes life-skill units centered on the expressed needs of each guest. Local experts teach in areas such as financial management, parenting and job-search skills. To continue in Philomena House, each new guest must demonstrate a willingness to work the program. And she must be employed or enrolled in school.

How the mother benefits:

  • achieve trust relationships by enjoying the same volunteers present to her during her journey through Philomena House
  • build a predictable pattern for life through receiving kindness, living with structure and accepting help from people
  • overcome disorganization by meeting work, financial and educational timelines
  • learn decision making skills through homemaking and planning a future
  • ensure education and employment by moving toward a GED and learning the job application/interview process
  • avoid the negative psychological response known as Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS), with consequent symptoms of guilt, anger, depression, suicidal thoughts, flashbacks, alcohol and drug abuse...and more

Upon entrance, a guest agrees in writing to a structured behavioral contract of house rules. These rules are designed to create a stable, orderly environment conducive to learning and personal growth.

Philomena House is one of an informal network of similar programs locally and nation-wide. We have built on their experience.

What local graduates have said:

"You’re the parents I never had."
"Now I know that people love me, I’ve never had that before."
"You did this for me and you didn’t even know me."
"This is a home where you can be comfortable. It feels like it’s home. It is relaxing with some structure and an encouraging environment. People are here for you - you are not alone.”
“I hope more girls come here if they need a place to live and have their baby."