Volunteer Areas

We all have talents, and it is our desire to match each volunteer’s skills and interests with the services they will perform. We want our volunteers to be pleased with their contributions to The Philomena House and to experience the joy of serving our guests

Three Major Volunteer areas

House and Property Maintenance
Direct Support of Women
Administrative Tasks

Our New Babies!

We welcomed three newborn baby girls in March and one baby boy in April. All babies are thriving and enjoying the attentions of many “moms” who volunteer and babysit here. Now we can serve four guests at a time plus two housemothers.

Philomena House is happy to be a recent recipient of a grant
…a Social Impact Grant from the Catholic Community Foundation (CCF). This grant was made possible by many donors – past and present – whose annual generosity and belief in the power of endowment has allowed CCF to steward and grow endowment funds. These funds provide annual grants to meet the greatest needs in our community.

Family living is our model
At Philomena House each mother has her own bedroom with a crib for her newborn. Once a week, we hold “family meetings” during which the the director names her concerns and mothers have their “say” about life at Philomena House. These family meetings serve to create a harmonious living situation among people who don’t know each other really well.
To further enhance orderly family living, the House has a set of rules and regulations that guests agree to before moving in. After three years of trial and usage, these rules have proven to be beneficial and supportive of our goal: to help lead our guests toward independent living.

Good nutrition is paramount
To maintain the health of our expectant mothers, we have a nutrition plan in place, which we evaluate regularly. In that way, we can know that our guests are eating properly for their own well-being and that of their babies.

Our mothers may stay up to a year
We keep these young mothers until they’re ready to leave. Once they’ve made life choices such as jobs and housing, they want to go. The mothers who have left too early often regret it and want to come back.

Site visits from our benefactors
We have an upcoming site visit from the Minnesota Department of Health, an annual event that we welcome. Also, one of our benefactors, the Catholic Community Foundation, paid us a nice visit and gave us a grant.
Thank you for your contributions

Your contributions mean everything to us.
The money you send goes directly into a fund that buys emergency clothing, eyeglasses, affordable entertainment and more! We need these things on an everyday basis. Please continue your generosity. Know that you are making a huge contribution to the safety and personal growth of young mothers who depend on us.
After three years of operating Philomena House, we understand that God wanted this haven for young, homeless mothers. You have been an enormous help in so many ways:
prayers, volunteering, gifts of baby clothes and money. Thank you.

We keep you in our prayers and ask that you pray for us too. We feel the “lift” of those prayers in meeting the everyday challenges we encounter at Philomena House.


Joyce E. Nevins, Director

PS. Our guests at Philomena House would welcome your contributions of your used DVDs or videos. Subject matter should be enteraining and uplifting, suitable for young women aged 18 to 26. Contact me at 651-488-9652.